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Abbey Primary School

A caring, sharing, achieving school, putting the child at the heart of everything we do.

Week 3

Monday 26th September 2022:

        This week, the children made structures from wooden sticks, they were introduced to the fire circle rules and explored the larger dens in the outdoor area. 


The group were brilliant with the wooden mallet and some even used large cobble stones to drive their sticks into the ground.




Tuesday 27th September 2022:

        Today, we started our afternoon off by reminding each other of the fire circle rules and played games to reinforce them. We then built fishing rods from canes, rope and magnets and used the fire zone to fish in!




Friday 30th September 2022:


        The children used smaller canes to design structures and see which made the most stable den. They then helped build a ‘hammock house’.



        We stripped pallets wood using spades as levers, pulled out any nails using the claw hammer sand then screwed each plank onto the frame. The wood was cut once in place.


The children loved to test out the house, to see if it was strong enough to support their weight in the hammocks.



We are building a new house next Friday, to support the hammocks, without the need for us supporting it.