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Abbey Primary School

A caring, sharing, achieving school, putting the child at the heart of everything we do.

Miss Mumby's Class

A Victorian school day - On Tuesday, we had some first hand experience of being in a Victorian classroom. Miss Mumby was very strict! Our hands were checked to see how clean they were, we had to write with chalk and some children were made to wear the Dunce's hat, standing in the corner. Girls and boys had separate lessons and we did drill outside. We finished by reciting the Lord's Prayer. We are not sure if we would have liked to have been at school in the Victorian times!!

Children in Need! The children had a fabulous day, supporting Joe Wicks with his 24hr PE challenge and taking part in a range of activities which supported his 'Five to Thrive' campaign

Superhero Day! We have had great fun today during our superhero activity day. We have been superhero training, we wrote secret codes and even made up our own jingles! A fabulous day|!

Stags Football Training!

We had an exciting morning on Monday when the Stags came to do a football training workshop with us. We had so much fun dribbling a ball, practising our shooting skills and we even got to have a mini game! We are looking forward to our penalty shoot out session next week!

Maths - Place Value

In maths we have been making 2 digit numbers using tens and ones. We have done this in lots of different ways but here we are using place value charts to distinguish between the tens and ones.

Abbey Values - Respect

During our values afternoon we worked on the value of respect. We thought about ways of showing an apple respect and ways which didn't show the apple respect. When we cut into the apples, we saw that the one we respected was good and the one we didn't respect had gone bad. We then discussed this in relation to how disrespect might make someone feel inside.