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Abbey Primary School

A caring, sharing, achieving school, putting the child at the heart of everything we do.

week 2

Tuesday 20th September 2022:

This week we recapped the story, ‘After the Storm’. The children were able to remember where the animals lived and demonstrate their knowledge using maps and our teddy tree. 


We built animal burrows, setts and warrens in our 'Dig Zone', which is where we also discovered a lot more insect larvae and worms.



Some children enjoyed making see-saws from the pallets and tested out ways to make them move more. Apparently, Miss Hardwick was the perfect weight!!


Friday 23rd September 2022:

Our older group, all had a go at recreating some basic structures this week from natural materials. The children constructed teepees and tent shaped homes for their animal teddies, using a wooden mallet to help them drive the sticks into the ground for greater stability.



Some chose to dig in the 'Dig Zone', reinforcing the supporting tyre walls around the outside, whilst others took on some more construction. The boys were keen to help build the new tee-pee den, using long planks, which they screwed into the wooden bench for support.


Two other children, wanted to carry on with their woodwork projects. They designed unique items, such as a name display and a stage for the puppets.


A certain little boy showed lots of interest in the small den builds, particularly knocking them down each time! This definitely encouraged us all to think about how we could make them more stable.


Next Friday, we take the build to new heights…