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Abbey Primary School

A caring, sharing, achieving school, putting the child at the heart of everything we do.

Mrs Stephens' Class

A Visit From The Police

Hindu Experience Day

Science- Investigation the Boiling point of water (and a little treat)

Geography - Rivers Final Outcome

Science- investigating Solids, Liquids and Gases

Geography - Using Atlases

Values Afternoon - Resilience

DT/RE - Designing, Baking and Evaluation Christmas Pastys

English - Experience Lesson - features of a formal letter

History- Acting out the reformation

Science- Investigating different teeth

We loved welcoming parents and grandparents in to have a look at the children’s books. The children enjoyed showing you their work and everything that they have been doing during the school day. We look forward to welcoming you in again during the Spring Term. 

Science - Identifying our different teeth.

For our science lesson this week we identified the different teeth in our mouths using mirrors. We identified our Incisors, canines, pre molars and molars. Next lesson we will find out all about their different functions and look at different animals teeth and why theirs are different to ours. 
we also spoke about how to keep our teeth healthy- by brushing our teeth at least twice a day, regularly seeing a dentist and restricting our sugary food intake. 

Science - Digestion Experiment (Making Poo!)

In our Science lesson we matched the parts of the digestive system to their functions. We then had a go at creating our own poo. 
The plastic bag represented the stomach, we put in some slightly crushed weetabix and mixed it with water to represent our saliva and orange juice to represent the stomach acid (which kills harmful micro organisms) This was then squeezed together to mix, acting as the muscles in the stomach. 
once this was mixed up we poured the mixture into some tights (these represented the intestines) liquid from our mixture was squeezed out of the tights to show the water and nutrients being absorbed by the body. The undigested food then passed through the intestines and left the body through a hole in the tights (representing the anus) and we created two poos on the tray. - lovely.

For this Anti Bullying Week session Year 4 read the book ‘Monty the Manatee’ they were reminded of the definitions for Victim, Perpetrator and Bystander. We were also reminded of this years Anti-Bullying slogan ‘make a noise about bullying’ and how important it is to speak out if you are the victim to or witness bullying. When reading the story we focuses on Monty’s emotions and how the behaviour of others towards him makes him feel. 
the children then went outside and created amazing chalk artwork on the playground and we showed how Monty’s emotions changed (by flipping over our double sided Monty) as the story progressed. 

Year 4 have loved their art sessions with Mr Kemp drawing and painting a portrait of a Tudor monarch. They stared off sketching the face, then completing the features off the Tudor Monarch of their choice. Focusing on the proportions and positioning. The children then had to use the skill of colour mixing to create the perfect skin tone for each monarch. Once these had dried the focus shifted onto adding the detail; jewellery, hats, clothing ( making sure that they remained historically accurate ) We are now looking forward to seeing how some of these beautiful pieces of artwork look on the Year 4 Tudors display. 

Music - Boomwhackers and Christmas Singing

The children had a lovely music lesson using the boomwhackers to start singing some Christmas songs! We learnt all about how the longer tubes create a deeper pitch and the shorter ones create a higher pitch noise (linked to our Science learning last half term! Mr Kirkland and Mrs Stephens were amazed by our effort and beautiful voices!

RE- Diwali Dancing Workshop

Year 4 took part in a Diwali dancing workshop to learn about Diwali through the medium of dance. The children thoroughly enjoyed the lesson and fully I’m erased themselves in the acting and dancing aspects of the session, whilst also hitting some RE objectives! What a lovely way to learn about good conquering evil, and light conquering dark!

Remembrance Day Poppy

Thank you so much for your lovely donations towards our Remembrance Day Poppies. The children enjoyed going out, despite the cold, to fill in the poppies on the playground. Lest We Forget.

Science - Labelling The Digestive System

Maths - Area

Using Post It notes Year 4 have been creating multiple 2d shapes with the same area of 4 squares, showing that different shapes can have the same area. We then developed this by drawing our own 2D shapes with different areas in our maths books. Sometimes using 1/2s. 

Values Afternoon - Respect

English - Black History Month Research

During Black History month year 4 researched and wrote and information text all about Michelle Obama. Using QR codes they researching this inspirational female figure and thoroughly enjoyed learning so much about the first black First Lady. Many children in the class did not know who Michelle Obama was before this lesson. However after spending not one, but two lessons conducting research, the children became immensely knowledgeable about her younger years, her family life and her legacy. 

Science - Investigating Sound

During science this half term year 4 have been looking at sound. We then conducted some experiments to see how vibrations work and also to show how vibrations travel through the different mediums of solids, liquids and gases. 
Through our experiments we witnessed how vibrations in water caused a ripple along the water.
The vibrations on the drum caused the rice to bounce up and down- The closer the rice was to the object hitting the drum, the higher it bounced as the vibration was stronger. 

English Experience Lesson

Year 4 spent their second experience lesson researching description about Ylva (the main character in our reading text) this was found in various chapters of our book. We then went out into the school grounds, on a glorious day, to try to find the trees that were mentioned in the text. We felt the leaves and imagined how they would have felt, being used as insulation in their breeches during Viking times.

Science - The Parts Of The Ear Song

Still image for this video

RE - sorting cards to show the differences between the religions on Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

English Experience Lesson - researching how Vikings looked.

During our first English experience lesson the children spent some time researching Vikings, they looked into how they dressed and what they usually carried. The children developed their skills of using an index page in a non-fiction book and how it saves time when it comes to conducting research. 

Music - Ukuleles with Mr Kirkland

The children have been learning how to correctly position ukuleles when playing them, including where to place your fingers. They have then further developed this learning by playing notes and chords. 
The children are developing their skills on how to read music.