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Abbey Primary School

A caring, sharing, achieving school, putting the child at the heart of everything we do.

Mrs Holdsworth's Class

Castleton Residential

Diwali Dance Workshop

To celebrate the festival of Diwali, the children have learned all about this important Festival of Light in the calendar of Sikhs, Hindus and Jains all around the world. We had a special visitor to school and the children took part in a Diwali dance workshop.

Remembrance Commemoration

In the lead up to Remembrance weekend, the children brought from home small change and we created a collage of a poppy using the coins. The children had the opportunity to reflect on the sacrifices people around the world have made so we can have freedom we have today. The contributions were then collected and donated to The Poppy Appeal. 

Creswell Crags - October 2023

We had a wonderful day at Creswell Crags bringing to life our Stone Age topic. The children thoroughly enjoyed working together to make Stone Age homes and they had a go at throwing spears to catch their tea. We explored deep into a cave using the lights on our helmets and we learned more about how they used flint to make tools. Finally, we shared our knowledge about different types of rock and we were able to classify them. 

Maths - 

Our focus has been place value in maths. We have used our pre-existing number sense to build on. We have used counters to help us. We have added and subtracted ones, tens and hundreds and used our skills to problem solve. 

Our maths skills are developing very well. We have now moved on to the column method, adding and subtracting numbers with and without exchange.

English - 

September - During our English lessons, we have been writing in different genres. We have retold a story and have written an informal letter. We studied and based our writing on two books 'The Stolen Spear' and 'The Stone Age Boy'.


November - We have now moved to the later period of The Romans and our focus is on the book 'Escape to Pompeii' by Christina Balit. We will be writing diary entries from the 2 main characters, Tranio and Livia.

History - The Stone Age

We have learned all about what life was like in the Stone Age. From where they lived to what they ate and everything in between. We have researched Stonehenge and other Stone Age developments such as Star Carr.

Our next topic is The Romans. We started the topic by learning about the myth surrounding how Rome got its name. Next, we looked at the features of Roman towns. We will also be studying Roman homes, Roman developments and the invasion into Britain by the Romans.

Science - Rocks

Is it metamorphic, sedimentary or igneous? As part of our Stone Age topic, we have been identifying the properties of rocks and classifying them into groups. The children have generated wonderful vocabulary to describe them.  

Moving on to our soil topic. We have studied the layers of soil and to show the different layers, we used different food stuffs such as oreo biscuits and chocolate blancmange. As well as learning, we had fun making our edible soil and got a snack too!

Music -

In music, we have used a percussion instrument called boomwhackers to follow different rhythms on musical scores. Boomwhackers are lightweight, hollow, plastic tubes of differing lengths. The length of the tube determines the pitch when struck with the hand.