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Thursday 2nd April

Maths - Today we are moving on to revise solving two-step equations. Fancy an extra challenge? Then have a go at solving the rectangle riddle!

Instructions for writing your own Just So Story - use the resources below to help you!


Now Best Beloved's, having read some of Rudyard Kipling's famous 'Just So Stories' about how animals came to have a particular feature it is now your chance to choose an animal, look up images of the animal and decide which feature you're going to explain.  Then you have to come up with a way, using your wonderful imagination, to explain how the animal came to develop that feature.  


Remember to plan out your idea and please send any to us through the office email if you would like us to enjoy your story too.


This will be the writing for today and tomorrow so take your time - good writing might need play breaks in between and certainly needs editing and improving.  


Have fun and illustrate your story too - Kipling's illustrated his work. 

How the blue-footed booby got blue feet

Write your own 'Just So Story' about any animal you like!

Yesterday's Maths challenge solutions!