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Abbey Primary School

A caring, sharing, achieving school, putting the child at the heart of everything we do.

Routine and Organisation

School Day

The main school gates will open at 8.33am and the children will be able to enter the school building at 8.35am, making their way into school via the classroom door. Gates shut at 8.45am and anyone arriving after this time will need to enter school via the main reception. Please do not try to gain entry into school by coming through the Foundation gate, once the main gate has been closed. Attendance and punctuality are very important so please arrive at school on time. 


Attendance and Punctuality

Excellent attendance and punctuality are vitally important for EVERY child. Our whole school attendance target is 97% and any child reaching this will receive a weekly house point. In addition to this, all pupils meeting this target will have their name placed into a raffle. The child whose name is randomly chosen at the end of each term will receive a family prize or pass- this will vary each term. Each new term will mark a fresh start and pupils will have the chance to get their name in the raffle even if they haven't managed it the previous term. Then, the class with the collective best weekly attendance will also be given a small class pet to look after. The class with the best half termly attendance will also enjoy a visit to Pets' Corner over at Samworth Church Academy. Let's make sure that it's one of the classes in our year group!


Holidays and Fining

In line with the Attendance Policy, it is at the Head Teacher's discretion as to whether penalty notices are issued to parents choosing to withdraw their children from learning to take a family holiday during  term time. Each request will be treated individually.  A Withdrawal From Learning form must be completed for holiday absence requests at least a month in advance. These should be given to Mrs Wakefield for her consideration. 


Book Bags

Please ensure that your child ONLY uses an Abbey Primary School Book Bag. We have limited cloak room space and the book bags fit conveniently into the childrens' trays. These can be purchased from The Schoolwear Centre, Mansfield. 


Larger bags/ rucksacks are not allowed at school as they cause Health and Safety problems in the cloakroom areas, which are situated in the classrooms. 


School Uniform

All pupils must wear the correct Abbey Primary School uniform. This can also be purchased from our suppliers- The Schoolwear Centre, Mansfield. All items of school uniform and PE kit must be labelled clearly with your child's name. We still also have limited stock left at our previous supplier Crystal Knitwear.



Children are NOT allowed to wear items of jewellery except for watches and stud earrings. However, these must be removed for PE lessons and cannot be covered with a plaster. We are not allowed to remove earrings, so please ensure that your child can do this for themselves independently. 



PE is part of the National Curriculum and therefore children must have their PE kits in school in order to participate. We recommend that PE kits are left in school during the week in the event of unavoidable timetable changes and are taken home when necessary to wash. For all PE lessons, regardless of weather, they take place indoors or outdoors, trainers must be worn. Trainers must therefore be in school at all times. Outdoor PE takes place weekly, so as the weather gets colder, please ensure that your child has joggers/ leggings and a sweatshirt.  Please use the Abbey Primary drawstring bags. Please remember that earrings cannot be worn for PE lessons. Plasters cannot be used to cover them up and children must be able to take their own earrings out. Long hair must be tied up.


If your child is unable to participate in PE lessons for whatever reason, a letter from home should be written to the class teacher. 


Our PE days are:


Indoor - Wednesday


Outdoor- Friday


Outdoor Learning

We are committed to providing enriching outdoor learning experiences to enhance our Year Two curriculum provision. Each week, both classes will take some of their learning outside. Please provide your child with a pair of wellies or outdoor shoes labelled with their name to be kept in a bag on their peg. Outdoor learning is flexible and could take place any day of the week. Children’s wellies can stay in school and do not need to be taken home unless needed.


Water Bottles

Children are encouraged to bring a water bottle with them. This must only be filled with water and not juice/ cordial. We are a Healthy School and encourage children to make healthy lifestyle choices. 


School Newsletter 

Our paperless school newsletter is emailed each Friday and is also available on our website. Paper copies are available at the school office upon request.