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Abbey Primary School

A caring, sharing, achieving school, putting the child at the heart of everything we do.


After harvesting some delicious vegetables from our growing garden, we turned them into soup. 

We carefully cut the veg into smaller pieces using the bridge technique to keep our finger safe. 

After we cut the veg into smaller pieces we then put it all into a soup maker before getting to try some. 

Some of us weren't a huge fan of the soup, but some of us LOVED IT!!! 

Magnificent Maths! We have been working on our place value and number skills, sorting out objects, matching numbers to the correct amount and counting. How fabulous are we?!

We used a range of natural materials to create transient art pictures. Some of our pictures were patterns, some were of objects and some were formed using our creative minds!

Our Values Afternoon- Respect

Year 1 have now kick started our 'School Values' work by looking at respect. We went around the school looking for respect flowers to plant on our respect garden poster. However, whilst looking we also found flowers that did not explain respect and these were thrown in the compost bin!

We are now ready to break down what respect is and how it can be shown over the next few weeks!