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Abbey Primary School

A caring, sharing, achieving school, putting the child at the heart of everything we do.


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Autumn 2- Everyday Heroes!

To start our new topic of 'Everyday Heroes' we had an outdoor survival day on our first day back. 

We had a fantastic time where we learnt different skills, Shown to us by Bear Grylls, that would help us to survive in the harshest of conditions. 

We start by learning the importance of the rule of 3 to help to survive. First you start with 3 minutes without oxygen, then 3 hours without shelter, then 3 days without water and finally 3 weeks without food.

We had to tackle the outdoor obstacle course where we climbed across the slippy bridge, crawled through the deep, dark tunnel, carried our equipment through a river and fended off dangerous, wild animals.

We then learnt how to forage for food, looking at what we should avoid and what we could eat.

We learnt how to create a shelter that would keep us warm and dry. This came in very helpful as the rain began to fall.

Finally, we took some time to appreciate the beautiful world we live in and created some sketches of what we could see and went on a bug hunt. 

This week we got the chance to complete our Mansfield Town FC Penalty Shootout competition. We were really excited to take part.

We cheered each other on and all showed great determination!

Two children (Emily D and William B) in Mr. Blackwell's class scored 5/5 goals and went through to a Sudden Death knockout situation. We'd like to congratulate William B on winning a 8 goal sudden death thriller! 

Well done to all the children that took part and raised money!

Autumn 1- Marvellous Me!
This week we have been exploring our senses. We took part in a sense walk outside, so we could really focus on each sense, discovering what we could see, hear, smell and feel. Our last sense to be tested was our taste so we experimented with a bit of taste testing! We had sour lemon, salty popcorn, sweet mango and bitter dark chocolate....some of our faces were a real picture!!!
We have continued our topic learning of the human body outside where we have used natural materials, found on our playground, to make the different body parts (You may even see some grassy pants in there!!!). What body parts can you see? What materials have we used for those parts? 
Since starting back, we have been spending lots of time outside, making the most of this fantastic weather, in our wonderful school grounds. We have explored the school looking for different types of plants and flowers. We have been planting herbs, harvesting some of our delicious vegetables and exploring the Heritage Garden.