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Abbey Primary School

A caring, sharing, achieving school, putting the child at the heart of everything we do.

Our Holiday Club

October 2019

Gym time!

The children enjoyed using the gym apparatus climbing, balancing, tumbling and developing their skills on the monkey bars which proved quite a challenge! 


One day, each week, the Stags joined our Holiday Club Team to put on training sessions and games for the children. These sessions were two hours long and there was a morning and afternoon session. Most children took part in both and thoroughly enjoyed it! 

Creative Day

We did lots of different creative activities from colouring, sketching, baking and decorating our biscuits. They were delicious! 


We conducted lots of experiments including making shadow puppets for a puppet theatre, experimented with colour mixing, tried to see the effect of static electricity with pepper, made our own bubble and gloop! We had so much fun, even when things didn't always go to plan. 

Snack/Lunch/Ipad time

Each day during snack and lunch time we encouraged the children to sit together to create a relaxed atmosphere where would could chat and get to know each other. All the children stayed at the table until everyone had finished and lunchtime was followed by some Ipad time to encourage the children to have some down time while their lunch settled.  

Wheels Day

We all bought our bikes and scooter with us. We completed assault courses and had races. When the weather took a turn for the worse we made some wheel like structures using construction resources and made paper colour wheel spinners.

Halloween Crafts and Party

Mr Kemp joined us as we created a variety of Halloween crafts including Halloween masks, 3D spiders, pumpkin collages and used a creativity to create our own designs. The next day we donned our Halloween outfits as we played put the spot on the witch, spooky statues and enjoyed chilling out with the movie Hotel Transylvania. 

Cosmic Yoga

We felt it important for the children to have time to be calm whilst still having fun. They enjoyed following the Yoga moves and demonstrating their strength and control over their muscles.


The children had some free choice time in the morning to log onto Purple Mash and choose their own activity. The children were excited to create their own PowerPoint Presentations and even took to the microphone to present them to the group when they were finished. 

Free Choice

Although there were lots of exciting activities planned it was important that the children had a wide variety of activities to choose from each day and if they did not want to join in a particular activity there were lot of other engaging options. Movies, games, drawing/colouring, small world toys for imaginative play, table tennis, volleyball etc. We enjoyed many games of connect 4 and Guess who!