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Abbey Primary School

A caring, sharing, achieving school, putting the child at the heart of everything we do.

Mrs Johnston's Class

For our Space topic this term, Year 5 took Art outside to create their background for their space picture. This included a lot of paint, arm force and ended with a lot of colourful shoes, clothes and grass!

Science Time! Year 5 have begun exploring the wonders of forces and air resistance. The children worked in groups designing different parachutes to find out which would be the best parachute for a paraglider. We made them and predicted which one would be the best before watching Mrs Wright drop them from the school roof!

Our Easter egg hunt winners!

It's the last day of the Spring term! Year 5 had a great DT packed day making Easter cards and taking part in an Easter egg hunt using their Geography knowledge this term to answer their topic questions!

In RE, Year 5 have been exploring the Easter story. We put the key events in order before debating whether Judas should have betrayed Jesus!

Year 5 took part in tree planting this week as a special task for the Queen's Jubilee. The sun was shining and the children worked together to help plant the trees for our school site!

As Year 5 have been exploring human activity, we delved into this further exploring the important current issue, climate change. Year 5 looked at what climate change was before explaining the factors impacting climate change!

For Geography this term, we are focusing on South America. We began by looking at a physical feature, the Amazon rainforest, and explored the human activity regarding the demand for palm oil.

A new term, a new value. Our focus this term is integrity. Year 5 explored what showing integrity means and used their understanding to create a recipe for integrity which they will focus on this term!

As we reach half term, Year 5 reflected on their resilience this term and each set targets to continue with their resilience into the next term. Year 5 spent the afternoon designing a tree leaf to be placed on a class resilience tree in their classroom!

In our topic writing, Year 5 have chosen their own country to produce a persuasive leaflet about. Year 5 used the iPads to research the different physical and human features found in that country before writing a leaflet persuading people to visit!

Year 5 went even further afield this week and explored the different human and physical features of the world. We sorted them into human and physical groups before exploring where these magnificent features were located!

Year 5 were able to use Google Earth this week to visit Europe and more specifically, Germany. We explored the physical and human features from a satellite view before sorting and comparing them to features in the UK!

In Geography this week, Year 5 explored physical and human features. We looked at what physical and human features there are in the UK. We then used the atlas and our knowledge on counties to find out where they were located.

Our Geography based curriculum began this term looking at the United Kingdom and the counties. We then looked at the main cities, including the capital cities of the UK!

Happy New Year! To begin our new topic of resilience, Year 5 spent the afternoon discussing what resilience means and how we can be resilient. We then made our own posters to inspire us to be resilient this term!

Year 5 made some fantastic pop-up Christmas cards this week!

Our 2022 Calendars!