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Abbey Primary School

A caring, sharing, achieving school, putting the child at the heart of everything we do.

Miss West's Class

In Science, Year 5 have been investigating air resistance. Which parachute will fall to the floor the slowest?

World Book Day! We read ‘Can We Really Help the Polar Bears’ before investigating melting. Year 5 then created posters sharing what they had learnt about how to help the polar bears.

Once the backgrounds were completed, Year 5 added details to their ‘Starry Night’ artwork.

To begin thinking about our new value - integrity - Year 5 have written a recipe for how to show integrity.

In our Geography lessons, Year 5 have been exploring the climates of different parts of the word.

On Safer Internet Day, Year 5 worked together to create a blog sharing everything they have learnt about being safe online.

During our values afternoon, Year 5 have created reminders of everything they have learnt about resilience.

In their English lessons, the children in Year 5 have researched a place of their choice, before writing a persuasive holiday leaflet.

Year 5 enjoyed taking part in the big garden bird watch!

In Art, Year 5 have taken inspiration from Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘The Starry Night’.

In Geography, Year 5 have been exploring counties and cities in the United Kingdom. We have been using an atlas to locate these on a map and then we have identified and discussed their different characteristics.

In Art, we are focusing on the Abu Simbel temple. Year 5 spent the afternoon exploring what the Abu Simbel is and why it was built. We then put our drawing skills to the test and had a go at drawing the Pharaoh Ramses.

We had a busy afternoon exploring the history timeline and put our knowledge to the test about different eras in history and the topics we have already learnt throughout Abbey. This helped us to recap on lots of important events in History and also see where our Ancient Egyptian topic sits on the history timeline.

Our new value this term is Responsibility. For our values afternoon, Year 5 used the 'Diamond 9' activity to decide which responsibilities were most important to them at school and home and why.

Year 5 had a surprising visitor on their first day back after half term. Anbus, the God of Embalming and the Dead, delivered a peculiar package which contained equipment and instructions on how to mummify an orange. We put our embalming skills to the test!

In Art, we have been looking at L.S Lowry who is best known for drawing and painting scenes of life during Britain's industrial time. We began by looking at his different art work and noticing the similarities between each painting. We then put our knowledge and understanding of L.S Lowry's art work to the test as we had a go at re-creating Britain's industrial scenes during the peak of the mining industry. We first used paint to create a wash for the background. Next, we used different coloured pieces of paper to re-create the silhouette of mining towns and cities.

Our final pulley systems!

The children have been working hard to make and decorate their pulley systems, making sure that they work effectively. They have been working together to evaluate their final product!

This week, we have continued our DT project which is to design and make a pulley system suitable for a lift in a mine shaft. The children have designed their own pulley system, using what they have learnt from their investigations last week.

Year 5 were extremely lucky to have a visit from the Coal Authority this week. During an exciting afternoon, Year 5 took part in a workshop building on their learning on the effects of mining and how the Coal Authority improves and helps old mining areas. The children were able to find out all about the fantastic work that the Coal Authority do and even got to look at coal, which came in all different shapes and sizes.

DT Time! This week, we are beginning our DT project which is to design and make a pulley system suitable for a lift in a mine shaft. Today, the children explored what a pulley system was and how they are used in order to pull heavy objects. The children discussed what worked and what they will be taking forward to the next lesson when they get to design their mine lift!

In Geography, we have been looking at the effects of coal mining on the environment. Despite the benefits of mining coal, there are many effects. Year 5 spent the afternoon coming up with a fantastic and creative mind-map in order to remember the different effects of coal mining.

In English, we have been looking at the history of mining including a very important individual named Lord Shaftesbury. We spent the week researching who he was and the key events that contributed to the changes to Victorian mining. Can you believe children aged Year 5 used to work in the mines for up to 16 hours a day!? Thanks to Lord Shaftesbury, the Mine Act in 1842 meant no child under 10 or woman could work in the mine. Phew!