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Abbey Primary School

A caring, sharing, achieving school, putting the child at the heart of everything we do.

Miss Spalding's Class

Mondrian Inspired Art

PSHE - Inclusion and the Importance of Friendships

Science - Exploring the parts of a plant, how to plant a seed and planting our own sunflower seeds to observe how they grow over this half term 🌻

History - Researching King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I

Tree Planting - Queen’s Jubilee

Science - Exploring Animal Offspring and Categories

Exploring 3D Shapes

Geography - Researching Australia

Extra Playtime - Best Attendance!

Science - Food Chains

Exploring our value of integrity through books

Art - Christian Creation Story Collages

Vicar Water Trip! We spotted human and physical features, considered features of a river habitat, completed an orienteering challenge and enjoyed a break on the park.

Great Garden Bird Watch

PE - Using the gymnastics apparatus safely

Science - Exploring habitats on our school grounds

English - Gorilla freeze frames

Geography - Using Atlases to Explore the UK’s Countries, Capital Cities and Surrounding Seas

Maths - Creating Arrays

Science - Identifying features of different habitats

Locality Walk- Exploring the human and physical features near our school

Geography- Using Google Earth to find human and physical features in our local area

Christmas Jumper Day Fun!

Christmas Cards! ☃️

English- We used hot seating this week to get into the characters of Major Glad, Major Dizzy, William and Amelia.

History- Year 2 have been describing sources to find out what life was like in the Victorian Era.

Art- Creating a skin tone using paint

PE- Practising our back hand hit with a racquet

Art- Sketching self-portraits ready to paint next week!

PE- This week we have had a mini rounders game to practise our batting and bowling

Computing- The children have been taking pictures and videos on iPads

Art- We’ve been practising sketching lines and shapes ready for our self-portrait drawing

Maths- We have partitioned numbers up to 100, identifying their 10s and 1s and creating addition sentences

PSHE- We learnt what makes a good learning partner, the importance of following instructions and being kind and helpful by making a ‘compliment giver’

Science- This week the children have been exploring different materials in science and investigating which material would be most suitable for different scenarios

Maths- Year 2 have been exploring different ways of representing numbers less than 50 using maths resources