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Abbey Primary School

A caring, sharing, achieving school, putting the child at the heart of everything we do.

Miss Rushby's Class

Check out the Christmas bonnets below.

Autumn 2 - Who Were the Victorians?


We were so excited about the snow that we could not pass up the chance to head outside and catch snowflakes on our tongue and have 'snowball' fight!


We have been learning all about the Jewish festival of Hanukkah. Like Christmas, Hanukkah is a festival of light. They light a candle on the Menorah each of the eight nights the festival lasts for. This year Hanukkah begins on the 10th of December. We made a driedle which is a game Jewish people play during Hanukkah. We also cooked potato Latkes. During Hanukkah Jewish people eat a lot of oily food; this reminds them of the miracle of the oil burning for eight days when it should have only lasted one as told in the story about the Macabees standing up to King Antiochus and fighting for their own beliefs.   

Temperature Investigation

We made two ice cakes and planned to hang one over the sink in the classroom and one on the fence outside, We discussed what we thought would happen to each of the ice cakes. Some of us thought the one outside would not melt but other thought it would; so we dug a little deeper and discussed how quickly we thought the ice cakes would melt. We made predictions and practiced measuring temperature with thermometers, ready to carry out the investigation the following day once our ice cakes had frozen. We carried out our investigation measuring the temperature indoors and outdoors at one hour intervals and observed what was happening to the ice cakes. Our predictions were correct and the ice cakes both melted but the ice cake inside melted the quickest as it was much warmer inside! 

A message for Dylan

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Children in Need

To fundraise for Children in Need this year we came to school in something we feel good in. This closely linked with their initiative '5 to thrive' which focused on children's well-being; being curious, taking notice, connecting, being active and giving. Our class chose to be active and be curious. Some of the children got active by doing some dancing with just dance and yoga with cosmic yoga. Others chose to be curious and selected some interesting science experiments to try out including storm in a glass, and fizzy oranges. 

Reading - finding synonyms

Using three words from our class text Major Glad, Major Dizzy we used vocabulary ladders to find synonyms. 

English - Freeze frames

To help us get to know our class text Major Glad, Major Dizzy even better we split into groups and took part of the story. In our groups we then created a freeze frame. One of us became the narrator and re-told our part of the story in our own words. 

Autumn 1 - "What makes me a superhero?"

Our Stags Penalty shoot out!

Goals Galore !! After completing our training session the Stags returned for our penalty shoot out competition! Who will score the most goals?

Swing Ball

 This half term we have been learning lots of rackets skills including how to hold the racket correctly, how to get into the ready position and the correct technique for forehand and backhand swings. To round up our learning for the half term we got the swing ball sets out to show off our new skills, we had such great fun!

Superhero Day

We all had a fantastic day dressed as our Superhero alter ego's. We began our day attending superhero school where we practised our aiming and flying skills, took part in agility challenged and enjoyed some superhero stories in the chill out zone. We then performed our jingle and practised our oracy skills to introduce our alter ego's to the class. The afternoon saw us create our own superhero code from which we wrote a secret message for our adults at home. Will they be able to crack the code?!

D&T - Super Soup

We were set a challenge by Mrs Coalwood to make a soup from some of the items we harvested from our school allotment. We decided to make a vegetable soup and looked at the benefits of eating these vegetables for our bodies. Whilst preparing the soup we practised the bridge technique for cutting the vegetables, the swede was a little tricky! 

Music - creating a rhythm

As part of creating our own superhero side-kick we decided to try and create our own theme tunes! We did this by experimenting on a range of untuned instruments before finally selecting one to create our own rhythm on. We them performed them for the class.


To introduce the children to the religion of Judaism we found lots of creative ways to make a Star of David, the key symbol of this religious group. 

Stags training session

We thoroughly enjoyed our training session with Stags this week. We practised our ball control, learning how to stop the ball and dribble it whilst weaving in and out of cones. We also took some penalties, practising striking the ball into the goal. Finally our teamwork was put to the test in a game of football. We can't wait for Stags to return in a few weeks time for the penalty shoot out!


During our first full week back in school we have been using Dienes and place value counters to make numbers to 50. We also used the part-part-whole model to identify how many tens and how many ones there is in given numbers to 50. 

Abbey Value - RESPECT

Each half term we will be focusing on one of our school values. This half term it is respect and we spent an afternoon exploring this further. We listed all way in which we can show respect,  explored the impact of being disrespectful using a bruised and unbruised apple; discussing how being disrespectful can leave others feeling unhappy and highlighting the importance of showing respect towards others, ourselves and the world around us. Finally we created a human spider diagram, using drama to bring to life all the things we had discussed throughout our values afternoon.

Outdoor Learning

 Mr Gibson came into school to help us harvest some potatoes. We got stuck in and as he turned over the soil we searched for the potatoes and popped them into a big sack. We found some extremely tiny ones but we also pulled out some huge ones! We are going to keep them in the sacks in a dark place until we need them to make soup. Watch out for our D&T pictures later in the half term to see how we turned the potatoes into soup!