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Abbey Primary School

A caring, sharing, achieving school, putting the child at the heart of everything we do.

Miss Fox

Today we have used the research we carried out on how bird’s feet have adapted to suit their environment and created a classification key to challenge their peers with a knowledge quiz!

As part of our World Book Day activities, year 6 were inspired by the book ‘Greta and the giants’, to create a leaflet, based on the Earth Shot prize, to try and save our planet!

In science, we investigated Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, looking at how the beaks of the finches had evolved over time to suit the food on the Galápagos Islands.

In geography today, we used our knowledge of climate zones to help match the biomes to their descriptions.

Year 6 joining in with the Big Bird Watch 2022!

Christmas Carol Concert

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Christmas Carol Concert

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The announcement of our House Captain and Vice Captains!

21.9.21 Today, we have throughly enjoyed our design and technology day linked to our World War 2 topic. We investigated different materials and used our data loggers to test out our predictions to see which material was best for keeping in the light. We then used our data to create a bar chart and finished our science investigation by writing an evaluation and conclusion.

16.09.21 We tested our knowledge of electricity to create simple, parallel and series circuits, observing what happened when extra electric loads and power supplies were added to the circuit and we even successfully added in a switch to our circuits! Next, we will be using Morse code to compose and communicate messages - just like they did during WW2!