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Abbey Primary School

A caring, sharing, achieving school, putting the child at the heart of everything we do.

Miss Cairns

Science - Morse Code!


Today, we used the circuits and the Morse code alphabet to communicate secret messages to each other! 



Using our class text, ‘Friend or Foe’, we compared what life was like for evacuees before they moved to the countryside and after. We organised our ideas into a four-way table - similarities and differences and whether they were positive or negative!

Which material is best for blocking out light?


Year Six had an incredibly exciting SCIENCE day on Tuesday! Having researched blackouts during WW2, the children were keen to investigate which material would be the best for blocking out light, and therefore, would make a great blackout blind!

Firstly, the children made a ‘blind’ prediction from the following materials: tin foil, white chiffon, green velvet, grey fabric, greaseproof paper and a black bin bag. They then explored the materials further and some predictions changed! After making a detailed, informed prediction, the fun really started! Using the data loggers to measure the amount of light, children tested each material to see how much light was blocked, before presenting their results in a bar graph using the laptops. The children concluded that tin foil, the green velvet and they grey fabric were the best at blocking out light BUT didn’t think that tin foil was the best to use during a blackout due to the amount of light it reflects! 

A great day of learning was had by all!


We tested our knowledge of electricity to create simple, parallel and series circuits, observing what happened when extra electric loads and power supplies were added to the circuit and we even successfully added in a switch to our circuits! Next, we will be using Morse code to compose and communicate messages - just like they did during WW2!

Our Values Afternoon!


The half-termly value of respect was launched this week, as Year Six got stuck into a drama task! The children had a selection of scenarios where not everybody was being as respectful as they could have been. Working in teams, Year Six acted out an improved version of the scenario; all children knew exactly what they needed to do to improve the level of respect in each situation. The children had lots of fun, took their acting roles very seriously and even Mrs Wakefield visited them for a peek!