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Pupil Welcome

Hello and welcome to Abbey Primary School!


Our school is a happy and exciting place where children work hard and have lots of fun.The teachers all work hard and we help them make school even better. Each class elects two school councillors who represent us on the School Council. The School Council put forward our suggestions to Mrs Wakefield. They are also responsible for organising all of the charity fundraising that goes on in our school.


Each year we can apply for jobs such as the Head Teacher or Deputy Head Teacher's Personal Assistant, librarians, office helpers and ICT technicians to name but a few. We also have Play Leaders who make sure no one is left out at playtimes and lunchtimes and a team of Health and Safety Officers who help Mrs Wakefield make sure our school is a safe place to be.


Our school curriculum is one of the most exciting things about our school. We help our teachers to decide the topics we learn about before each half term begins so we are ready for next term. We get to go on many exciting educational visits and everyone in Key Stage 2 also has the opportunity to go on a residential visit each year. 


We also have an exciting House System. When children join our school they are allocated to one of our four houses - Earth, Wind, Fire or Water. All houses are vertically grouped across the school and led by a House Leader from the Senior Leadership Team. Each house elects a House Captain and Vice House Captain from Year 6. Through the year we collect house points for good work, good attendance and inter-house competitions. At the end of the year the house with the most points wins our huge House Trophy! 


After school fun and exciting clubs happen! We have a wide choice of PE activities like rugby, football, volleyball and dance as well as music, science and art clubs.


Friends of Abbey (mums, dads and grandparents that want to help) organise fun events for us like discos, fairs and even bingo.


Abbey Primary School is a 'Caring, Sharing, Achieving School' and we hope you enjoy your visit.