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Clumber Park


On Monday 12th and Wednesday 14th September year 3 visited Clumber Park to explore life as a Victorian gardener.  We went on a great journey around the Victorian walled garden, looking in the glass houses, the gardener's mess room, the tool shed and the pantry!  We saw a wide variety of plants, flowers, fruit and vegetables... we got to taste some too! We also learnt about compost and how different plants grow in different environments and how the garden was designed in a certain way; to draw visitors eyes up to the grand entrance. We had a wonderful time and got lots of ideas for our heritage garden designs.

Abbey Values Day

On Friday 16th September we had our first ever Values Day.  The children rotated around each class in their key stage to take part in a wide range of activities to support their understanding and development of our core, Learning to Learn Values; Communication, Conduct, Co-operation, Perseverance, Resilience and Thirst for Learning.  The children have had lots of fun, cracking codes, building towers, performing role play and much more!  Here are the children in our class demonstrating perseverance in Mrs McIntyre’s no handed tower building perseverance challenge!  


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Be The Best You Can Be Launch

On Monday 19th September we had a very exciting day at Abbey!  We launched our new PSHE programme Be The Best You Can Be!  We launched it in style by having an Olympian come and visit!  Anthony Clark, an Olympic badminton player came to share his journey to success with the children.  He started from when he was born right up to what he does now.  He talked about how he got into badminton and how he progressed from playing in one tournament where he scored zero points to being selected to play for the country!  He shared obstacles that he faced along the way and explained how he overcame them.  He talked about our Abbey values such as perseverance and resilience and explained how hard work and determination were they key to his success.  He visited all the classes and the children got to try on his medals and ask him all sorts of questions.  Then the children spent the rest of the day taking part in activities based on the qualities and values of an athlete to help us understand how people and therefore we, can be the best we can be!  Going forward the children will take part in weekly Be The Best You Can Be Lessons, focusing on goal setting and personal aspirations.

Science and ICT - Kahoot!

Science and ICT - Kahoot! 1
Science and ICT - Kahoot! 2
Science and ICT - Kahoot! 3
Science and ICT - Kahoot! 4

Food Classification 


In science we investigated the different ways we could sort fruit and vegetables.  We learnt that this is called classification.  We sorted them into things such as fruit or vegetable, grown under ground or over ground, seed or stone and much more.

Our Heritage Garden

On Monday 17th October, we watched a PowerPoint about the walled garden at Clumber Park that some of the year 3 children made with Mrs Brown after our visit.  Then we went to visit the site where our garden will be and we talked about what we could put in the garden, thinking about what we want and what we need.  Then we came back into the classroom and made mood boards to help inspire us ready to make our plans.  Afterwards, we learnt what a ‘birds-eye-view’ is and looked at lots of examples of garden plans designed in this view.  Next we created draft plans in pairs and then we began our official plans.  



Art with Mr Kemp - making 3D balanced plates

Art with Mr Kemp - making 3D balanced plates 1
Art with Mr Kemp - making 3D balanced plates 2
Art with Mr Kemp - making 3D balanced plates 3
Art with Mr Kemp - making 3D balanced plates 4

Children in Need 18.11.16



Christmas; making mince pies, calendars and cards!

Making erupting volcano art!

World Book Day Art - Tuesday by David Wiesner

Paleontologists on a fossil hunt!

Making dinosaur animations

Dinosaur animations

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Red Nose Day 2017

Red Nose Day 2017 1

Science Investigation - Why do shadows change size?

Exploring Hindu and Christian Weddings in our Wedding Attire!