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In year 3, we have been experimenting with magnets and even made our own version of the Newton's cradle!

Pennies for a mile. We came in 2nd place with 96 metres of pennies!!

To start the Summer term, Year 3 investigated shadows and why they move throughout the day!

In Maths, we have made our own fraction walls to help us solve tricky fraction work!

To begin our exciting Stone Age topic, we made our own rock sculptures! We picked our own rocks, made our sculpture and finally sketched them.

Year 3 wishing everyone a happy Easter break!

Year 3 wishing everyone a happy Easter break! 1
Year 3 wishing everyone a happy Easter break! 2

Science Workshop - Year 3 made their own electric circuit and sherbet sweets!

Year 3 have been looking at how we can classify different living things including dinosaurs. We used our knowledge of Venn diagrams and living things to support our choices.

Our new topic this term is Dinosaurs! Year 3 came back to school and discovered some very exciting clues and even found... a real dinosaur egg!

In Art, we have made our own exploding volcanoes using tissue paper and more.

Partitioning Masters!

We have done lots of research to find out all about the different natural disasters. We used our research to make our own PowerPoints!

An earthquake has hit Year 3!

We've had a fun packed week getting excited and ready for Christmas! We have made Christmas cards, decorations and even our own food dip for our Christmas party!! Although the evaluations suggest it didn't taste so great!

To finish our topic, we made our own scenic pictures to represent life during the plague!

In Year 3, we focused on the different injuries for our WW1 themed day including the gruesome trench foot! We looked at different fruits and how they may look like trench foot over time!

In Geography, we looked at a map of Europe alongside our global garden topic!

We have been looking at adding and subtracting 1-digit, 2-digit and 3-digit numbers. We used the dienes to look at the rules for exchanging and borrowing!

We have been doing lots in our topic lessons including looking at classifying animals and how seeds are dispersed!

We had a great morning with our visitors, Warburtons! We made our own mini pizzas and learnt all about the Warburton's business.

We carried out our first experiment this week looking at how water is transported through plants!

Today, we looked at parts of a plant and had fun dissecting a flower!

We have started Year 3 by designing our own glorious gardens for our topic!