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In science we tested different materials in circuits. We wanted to see if certain materials were conductors or insulators. After we had tested them, we wrote up our results and explained how we had made it a fair test.


Science-Circuits 1
Science-Circuits 2
Science-Circuits 3
Science-Circuits 4
Science-Circuits 5
Science-Circuits 6
Science-Circuits 7
Science-Circuits 8
Science-Circuits 9
Science-Circuits 10
Science-Circuits 11
Science-Circuits 12
Science-Circuits 13
Science-Circuits 14
Science-Circuits 15
Science-Circuits 16
Science-Circuits 17
Science-Circuits 18

Freeze Frame


  • Today we’re going to play a freeze frame game. I will read a slide out to the class.
  • You get 2 minutes to decide in your tables who will play each character. You then have to freeze into a position that describes the card.
  • Whilst you’re doing this think if you would handle the situation differently. If you had to give the children a goal they need to try and achieve what would it be?


Scenario 1/2

Rachel goes out to the playground, she is looking around for someone to play with. She walks up to a group of girls from her class but they move away and start whispering when they see her coming. Rachel feels really self conscious and upset.
What should she do in this scenario?
What should the group of girls do?
What should the goal be for the group of girls?



Scenario 3

Samuel wants to play football with his friend David. However, his best friend Tim doesn’t like football and starts shouting at Samuel to come and play with him or he wont be his friend anymore!

What should he do in this scenario?
What should Tim do?
What should the goal be for Tim?


Scenario 4

Katie is playing with a ball she found on the playground. Gemma notices that Katie is playing with the ball and thinks its hers. She runs over to Katie and tries to snatch it from her.


What should they do in this scenario?




PSHE Day 1 Scenario 1-What would you do?
PSHE Day 2 Scenario 2-What would you do?
PSHE Day 3 Scenario 3-What would you do?
PSHE Day 4 Scenario 4-What would you do?