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Maths Homework

Autumn 2

Week Ending 9.11.18


This week we have begun looking at Subtraction.

We have learnt that it can been known as both subtraction or take away. We also now know that the largest number has to come first as you can't take away what isn't there.


We have focused on using practical resources to work out some subtraction problems. If you wanted to try this at home, you may want to use toys (or food) and give your child an amount to take away from the total amount. How many would there be left?

Autumn 1

Week Ending 5.10.18

This week we have looked at the terms greater than, smaller than and equal to. We know that if an amount is greater, we look below that amount (10 is greater than 5) and if and amount is smaller, we look above that amount (2 is smaller than 6). We have also found out the equal is when a number is the same as another (1 is equal to 1).


Could you challenge your children to think of numbers that are greater than, smaller than or equal to an amount during the day. This could be done when you see a house number, a speed sign, a number in a shop window or even around the house. This will keep the children on their toes and they may even want to challenge you!!!


Have a fabulous weekend and we look forward to seeing you on Monday.

Week Ending 28.9.18

This week we have been finding 1 more and 1 less than a number. We know that when finding 1 more the number gets bigger and we have to count on (forwards) one and that when we find 1 less the number gets smaller and we count back (backwards) one. 


When playing with toys/eating dinner etc ask your child how many cars/dolls/chips/carrots they have. Can they tell you how many they would have if you gave them 1 more or if they had 1 less? Encourage them to explain how they know by saying something like "I know I would have 6 because 6 is bigger then 5 and when I count forwards 5 comes after 6."


Have a great weekend! 

Week ending 21.9.18


This week we have been learning to count forwards and backwards and using this skill to find missing numbers on a number track. 


Play number ping pong - You say a number (any between 1 and 20) and your child has to say the next number. Repeat back and forth. You can change the game to be counting forwards or backwards. Children should understand that when;


Counting forwards you start from a smaller number and the numbers get bigger.

Counting backwards you start from a bigger number and the numbers get smaller. 


Have a great weekend!